The Theory of Light

By Jennilee Marigomen / Margherita Porra

As the sun shines and a brilliant spectrum of color dances across our path, we find ourselves drifting in a forward motion towards the theory that ‘light is time.’ We each experience the lure or dismay of how time can fly during the most joyous of moments or drag in the dullest of times. There’s a preciousness in time’s scarcity - this is the source of our inspiration.
In a space where heavy things can seem light and light particles join to create forms, we explore and play with colored odds and sods. What appears to be one thing, is often not. It is the ultimate sense of time slowing down and catching up with us. So maybe, just maybe, the key is to catch up with light… if only so that we can slow down just enough to see the beautiful spectrum of color that is already infused into our life.

Native Tongue

These articles are official documents of the Department of New Thoughts. The Native Tongue is part of the continuing study of lite on Earth. The galaxy speaks and we jot it all down for all the Explorers, all the Folk and all the Feet of the world to consume. Free for all minds—wander into the wonderful.