Beyond the Broadcast withTakara Bunyon

We hop right into the Nativerse mix with a peculiar friend and one of his most peculiar quests to date. Chet Brinkwater, roving reporter and seeker of adventure, traveled to California to uncover the legend of Takara Bunyon, an oft meditating monk who’s discovered the secret to inter-dimension travel through use of a rather special pair of shoes. Feeble narcissist? Expert wanderer? Devoted genius? Man with the key to higher being? Homeless weirdo with a stick? Chet was on his way to find out.
We simultaneously caught up with the Intergalactic Madbury Club as they filmed Chet & Takara on-location in the depths of California’s Mojave desert. Unincorporated land-based geodomes were the hibernation chambers of choice and Tecate was the primary brew. By those standards of typical hooliganism, it seems the idea of inter-dimensional travel isn’t so far-fetched after all.

Native Tongue

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