An Organic Sole Journey Into the Super-Natural

The earth is our home. The global precession is here. From sea level to mountain top, from core to surface, from longitude to latitude. Hanging ten on the seven seas, clad stomping around these noble continents. That’s what it comes down to. This time around we meld many cultures, many nations and even many weathers under one beautiful, flowing flag. Japanese embroidery, african kente, scottish pride, american patina. These all have a place under the roof of our rain-filled clouds. Clouds which have little effect now that rain-enforced silhouettes have been added to the fray. Welcome to (y)our world, wayward traveler. Rest thy weary feet.

Native Tongue

These articles are official documents of the Department of New Thoughts. The Native Tongue is part of the continuing study of lite on Earth. The galaxy speaks and we jot it all down for all the Explorers, all the Folk and all the Feet of the world to consume. Free for all minds—wander into the wonderful.