The Monaco Family

New wave thinking

Fall / Winter 2016

Meet the Monaco

We welcome with open arms, and feet, both members of the Monaco family: the Low and Mid. Built upon a single piece EVA cup outsole for that familiar comfort, we ditched the traditional perforation, favoring debossed indentations in the classic pattern.


New Wave

A duo of streamlined microfiber silhouettes, the Monaco makes its debut in two rise lengths, and a color palette reminiscent of the soft allure from the suave decade.

What’s not to say about this pair? With slim profiles and no-sew accents, they’re surely shoes for the modern trendsetter.

A Cut Above
the Rest

Native Tongue

These articles are official documents of the Department of New Thoughts. The Native Tongue is part of the continuing study of lite on Earth. The galaxy speaks and we jot it all down for all the Explorers, all the Folk and all the Feet of the world to consume. Free for all minds—wander into the wonderful.