Future Perfect: A Brilliant Spectrum

New planes, shifting horizons and cold snaps mix. Inspired adventurers who seek new ranges of colored fields drift away and dismiss current notions of weight to discover what movement desires and what the mood craves—lightness, in the weightless sense.

At the intersection of weight like a feather and color discussed as light, we canvas cultures to explore the movement and lightness of shifting hues and mixing tones to create shape and form.
Weight of volume, space and light adopt a child-like-innocence in their play, disregarding the rules and inventing as they go, creating as they wish and forming inspired notions of their combined influence. Light swirls into pots of color and translucency, projecting its perception onto surfaces to create marvel and surprise.

As shape and light meet, cohorting to paint their own interpretation of objects, they diffuse at their own whim and create forms as they wish. Big, bigger, small or smallest, they team up to exaggerate volume and silhouette. When meeting a material of desire, light brings a certain sense of je ne sais quoi, charming with its many ways. Interacting with its object of muse by some combination of romantic reflection, self-absorption or projection. Even bending to please.

Often mused, rarely understood, a true reflection jests and deludes as its instigator. Light, greets shape and forms what we think to be true. Ideas and notions buffer and interpret our reflection. Light strikes the surface of a desirable, solid form, bouncing in all directions of life due to the multiple reflections of our own tiny irregularities inside of what we see. Most of the objects visible are all just a scattering of light. Gifting us with a myriad of colors, light scatters from the surfaces of objects enabling us to see.
Inspiration comes in many forms. This time the form is shape and weight shifting. It moves across land with the faintest of touches, it captures color through light and sheds a quality of emotion. It takes the form of what it touches and together something new is cultivated - any certain combination leading up to a brilliant spectrum of every color.

Color is light. It’s a weightless idea.

Native Tongue

These articles are official documents of the Department of New Thoughts. The Native Tongue is part of the continuing study of lite on Earth. The galaxy speaks and we jot it all down for all the Explorers, all the Folk and all the Feet of the world to consume. Free for all minds—wander into the wonderful.